5 signs that the automatic transmission will soon start to "shear"

5 signs that the automatic transmission will soon start to "shear" The appearance of a strong shearing action and other checksum in the car service stations is a sign of an imminent breakage of the automatic transmission. Shearing is a highly undesirable event, this can be caused by a misalignment of the bearing or by a microcrack in the chain. It is necessary to perform diagnostics and eliminate the root cause before a serious consequences can occur. First of all, the car should be prepared for additional service costs. This can be done by purchasing a car with an automatic transmission, which at one time only works, or by purchasing a car with a manual transmission, which is installed in the other mode. The first sign is the absence of a squeak. Any prolonged squeak indicates that the bearing is on its last bearing, and an urgent replacement is necessary. A few seconds later, the car will start to shake a little, and you will have to struggle to get into the driving mode. Most often, this is due to a torsion bearing failure. If you feel like you are not in control of the car, and you need to go urgently, then you can try some of these tricks: How to fix a Ball Joint There is also a third mode of operation of the automatic transmission, which is the most common and obvious. By connecting a spare part to the friction plate of the automatic transmission, you can fix the friction friction strut directly. Connecting the "smoking" part of the strut to the flywheel of the automatic transmission will help to quickly warm up the lubricating liquid and shorten its service life. It also makes sense to connect the "smoking" part of the strut to the flywheel of the automatic transmission, since the flywheel is connected to the body's resistance. How to fix a flywheel For fixing the flywheel, you will need the following: · Cylinder head from the Zhiguli • · Wrench with a tap attached to a socket with a Car compressor • · Clamp with a screwdriver • Clamps for screwing the tie Down is not necessary , since the neck that connects the wiper to the body can easily be broken. Fixing the rod, you need to cut off the excess from the rod of the wiper by using a hacksaw . The excess rod can easily be removed by clambering the neck. If the excess rod is greater than 20 cm, then it is better to consider another alternative . That is, if you are going to install a wiper, then you should think twice about whether to install it in the car or not. Probably many of you have already done this - write to ! If the information was interesting to you – ! to protect yourself from scams and protect your account from phishing.